lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009



The recent and continuing debacle over health care reform and the tactics utilized to destroy the concept of the right to universal medical care show clearly how the North Amerikan people suffer from a perpetually permanent mental deficiency when it comes to taking responsibility for the public body.

In other words, no one wants to pay for another through taxation needed for all to have insurance coverage. They prefer for the government NOT to provide services. They prefer for insurance companies and the pharmaceutical-medical complex to continue their shamelessly open plundering of private and public funds. Fuck naive Christianity. Churches are ruled by the gospel of narcissism: I DO NOT have to love my neighbor as I love myself. That is the reason they worship firearms, their true God, permanent marker of the underdeveloped psychic condition through which they acquire their repugnant phallic national identity.

A totalitarian and fascist identity masking as inclusive liberalism, as Christian doctrine. An identity that spawns the Republican Party, scores of religious denominations, the Democrat “blue dogs,” teenagers beheading relatives and hunting classmates, psychopaths waiting for the end of the world while sitting on arsenals, grimly determined to survive by killing their neighbors.

A remorseless capitalist identity. Those rights other industrialized countries recognize as fundamental—the right to health, education, housing, food—are shameless market commodities in Amerika. They are not provided. They are sold to the highest bidder.They are denied to those who cannot pay. In order to protect the chaos in which they live, Amerikanos slander, create conspiracies, lies, innuendos. Death panels for old people and socialized—British! Canadian! French! --medicine. God forbid the government try to force the rabid rabble to change its behavior. Nothing works except the septic system of the Amerikan dream. The collective imaginary only believes its own phantoms. Reality or truth are irrelevant.

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